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Innovation Consulting is our way of helping companies to run better and more cost-effective businesses. We help transform what you do into something that excites, engages and nurtures your audience. My name is Kamesha Cogmon - Creativity & Innovation Consultancy - a female led business for ideas, business improvements, publications, products design and improvement.

Turning Pixels into Purpose

Digital assets that align with target audience to get expected results

Digital products

Detail user flows, where we can pinpoint exactly where the customer is

detail user persona

Chatting with EdFarm team about innovating new ways to connect audiences.

Brainstorming collabs

What I Can Do for Your Company

Concept Development

Developing ideas aligned with your strategy and needs

Search Engine Optimization

With up to date SEO tactics to help a brand rank higher on search engines

Future Digital World Office

Shifting to an online world. Stay ahead with best remote practice

Art & Illustration

Vector graphics, digital illustrations, and concept art

Voice User Design

Creating voice and text conversations eliminates time waste

User Experience Design

Using Empathy as the guiding principle, I pinpoint the main needs & concerns

Website Design

Logos, layouts, and other user experience design elements

Innovation Concepts

Logos, layouts, and other user experience design elements


Creators are the best initiators, and although they can be quick to create chaos, they can also be surprisingly innovative at finding ways out of chaos. Always put them in charge of new projects, but move them on to the next creation once their job is done.

Recent Projects Creations | Idea Creation

Launch & Marketing Material


Innovating User Experiences

Mcdonald’s | thornton enterprises

Online business SEO | Marketing | Data Creation

Innovation Idea Creation

Bizarre The coffee bar

Creation of marketing materials for Ferderal Funding program in collaboration with The Dannon Project

Positive plumbing | The dannon project

Launch  Website & Marketing Material

Community Development

Growth Ideas

Historic brown chapel AME

Ideal creation

Event Layout & User Experience

Website & Marketing SEO

Mask off- muziq & fashion show

Creating a cottage food business to help empower women to financial freedom using skills of cooking.


Launch  Website & Marketing Material

Community Development

Growth Ideas

St. Paul CME church

Music videos empowering souls to find and embrace intimacy and celebrate the diversity of what we are.

Director infinnex

The growth opportunities to building a sustainable healthy skincare and perfume brand that is for the community.

Infinity beauty

Launch  Website & Marketing Material

Community Development

Growth Ideas

Birmingham tiny living

Come experience the beats to relax and vibe and enjoy yourself. Socialize, Dance, Party, Spring Break KickOff

Trini fresh dj

Baby Sprouts clothing line for first time mothers.

Helped designed product and marketing materials

Sprouts closet

Canva integrates seamlessly with your other marketing tools to help you make the right impression. From social media to presentations, websites and more.

INfinity canva templates

We will provide you with the best photos for your advertisement.

Birmingham model group

Infinity Jasele is a female led, boutique consulting firm that specializes in Creativity, Innovation, User Experience, User Design and Product Design.

Ladies who lunch

Creative Ideas | Concepts in Development

A tincture based CBD black owned female company focused on healing the community

Infinity tinctures

Creative, unique experiences that combine the best of exclusivity and design together

Infinity spaces

Making sure that you can use your voice for the future I develop apps and activities that use Alexa skills

Infinity labs

Discover your inner strategic adventures and creative masterpieces. A space for right arrowed individuals to share and find solace. Right arrowed person has an inherent push for success and will see many changes in their life to keep achieving that goal. Find your pathway and share your journey in our exclusive community!

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2308 4th Ave North Loft 604. Birmingham, Al 35203

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205-585-1160 Mon-Thur 9-2pm

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